2024 Atikokan Schedule and Fees

Atikokan Summer Fee Information

  • Standard Outfitting includes Lightweight Kevlar Canoes in  Atikokan. A discount will be assessed to crews choosing Aluminum Canoes.
  • All fees listed are for the trip noted below. 
  • Off-Peak Pricing:  Crews arriving August 6 and later will receive a 25% discount.  Discounted fees are noted below.

Atikokan Crews Planning to travel into Quetico Provincial Park will pay additional park fees at the time of
entrance into the park. Crews should plan to budget an additional $750-$1500 for these park fees. More details here.

Atikokan Summer Schedule
When reading the schedule note the following:
  • You will arrive at Northern Tier on the date designated on the schedule.
  • Your first night will be in a cabin on base.
  • Your final night will be in a cabin on base and you will depart for home on the date noted on the schedule.
  • All nights in between will be spent on-water.