Winter Awards

  • Snowshoe or Ski Trek
  • Zero Hero
  • Bizhiw Patch
  • Duty to God

Snowshoe or Ski Trek

  • The Okpik Winter Trek award is available for any crews that spend at least 2 nights camping off base in the woods, change campsites at least once and travel at least 7 miles.

Zero Hero

  • The Zero Hero patch is available to any participant who camps outside on a night where the temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (which means -1 or colder).

Bizhiw Patch

  • The Bizhiw Patch is available to any participant who spends two nights off base.

Duty to God

  • The Duty to God award is available to scouts and adults who participate in at least one daily devotional while at Northern Tier and lead grace before one meal while on ice.