Individual Winter Treks

Every year scouts from across the country want to go come up to Northern Tiers Okpik Program but struggle to find the fellow scouts and advisors to come with them. We get it. Noeverybody wants to come up to build snowmen, play broom ball, go sledding, and learn to stay warm in extreme temperaturesIt just sounds like a miserable time doesn’t it? It is precisely for those scouts Northern Tier offers ouall-important individual winter treks. On these treks scouts from across the country are paired into one unit, given 2 interpreters to guide them and, sent out into the great white North equipped with everything needed to have a great winter adventure.  

The individual treks this winter are both expedition treks meaning that participants will be out camping on the ice in the wilderness for 2 nights. Scouts will be equipped with cold-weather sleep systems and several tenting options to keep them toasty warm on those cold winter nights. During the day, treks will get to choose what activities they want to do from a long list of options including ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kickball, and snow sculpture building just to name a few. 

This is the perfect opportunity for any scout struggling to get together a crew to come to Northern Tier and we will be running two individual winter treks in 2021. One January 22-25th and the second February 19-22Both treks are positioned on the weekend so that scouts have the best chance of being able to work it out with their schedule.

If the individual treks fill up or the dates don’t work then there is another option to come up as an individual scout through an existing crew. Crews across the country can sometimes end up with an empty spot in their Okpik crew and while some work hard in their councils to fill it, others utilize Northern Tier to help fill those spots. This method does not guarantee a spot, but it is a great option to start looking for a way to Okpik program especially if the current individual trek dates don’t work with your schedule. 

To learn more and register for our individual treks or to learn about getting plugged into another crew for this winter you can visit