Border Lakes Wilderness Fishing Tournament

 August 23-27, 2022

Zup’s Fishing Resort
Lac la Croix, Ontario, Canada


Anglers will be testing their skill on the remote Lac La Croix. Zup’s Resort is securely nestled on the shores of a protected bay deep in the quiet solitude of Lac La Croix. The resort and trading post facilities are a complement to the greatness of the lake, for they, too, are of an out-standing quality. Though isolated, you’ll find the camp to be an “oasis” in this fishing paradise. Its facilities are ultra-modern, and you will find no finer resort on the border lakes. Lac La Croix is one of the premier lakes in the region and offers excellent fishing for walleye, northern pike, lake trout, smallmouth bass and crappies. Many of the guides will be experienced, capable Ojibwe Natives who are members of the Lac La Croix Guide Association. You will find their knowledge of the country and fishing most superb.


Proceeds from the fishing tournament go to support Northern Tier’s Outreach program, providing programs to youth that might not otherwise get the opportunity. Northern Tier continues to grow the Outreach program, serving six Councils in 2019. The programs include Northern Tier sending staff to each of the Councils to provide a shake down and training for Scouts that would be attending. The crews then received a 6-night trip at Northern Tier, all equipment provided. The crews from St. Louis also experienced a day in Ely, sight seeing and participating in educational opportunities.
Northern Tier continues to grow this program, expanding our reach to additional Councils.


$3,500 per fisherman.
$1,000 is due at the time of registration.

Remaining $2,500 is due on August 1st.


Tuesday Aug 23:

  • Check into Grand Ely Lodge by 4:00 pm
  • Visit Northern Tier for facility tours.
  • Enjoy a cookout and opening activities at Northern Tier’s General Manager’s residence.

Wednesday Aug 24:

  • Depart for Zup’s after breakfast.
  • Lunch at Zup’s following a scenic boat ride from Crane Lake.
  • First round of fishing in the afternoon.

Thursday Aug 25:

  • Two periods of fishing
  • Shore lunch with fresh fish from the morning’s catch
  • Dinner and Guide Auction in the Lodge

Day 4

  • Two periods of fishing
  • Shore lunch with fresh fish from the morning’s catch
  • Dinner and Awards in the Lodge

Day 5

  • After early breakfast all fishermen high-speed boated to Crane Lake for departures home.
  • Late afternoon flights out of Duluth or Minneapolis (best option) easily doable for travel home.

Helpful Planning Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be?

We will be fishing in the waters Lac La Croix – the most beautiful of the many Minnesota – Canadian border lakes.  Zup’s Resort is located on the Canadian side of the border.  Please check out their website to get a taste of the place, .


Is there cell signal or wifi at the resort?

There is no cell signal at the resort.  They do have wifi in the main lodge.  

Do I need a fishing license?

During the registration process we will be collecting all pertinent information from you to book your Ontario Fishing License.  We will have the required documents when your arrive.  The cost of the license is included in your tournament fees.

Should I bring my own fishing gear?

We will have all of the necessary fishing gear and the resort will provide all of the required bait.  

What type of clothing should I bring?

We recommend ‘Ely Casual’ as the dress code.  Anglers should wear long sleeve, light-weight shirts, light-weight panst and hiking boots (or sturdy shoes).  Anglers should also have sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat.  Every angler will receive a Fishing Tournament Shirt.

Make sure to pack rain gear, pants and jacket, as August can be very wet.  Weather can turn chilly or even cold, so also pack a fleece jacket and warm pants, a stocking cap and gloves.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will be travelling into Canada and will be checking in through a customs check point.  All anglers must have a valid passport.  The passport will also be required to check back into the US at the end of the tournament.