Twin Lake, MI Base

Kapvik Winter Adventure

Step 1: Kapvik Reservations and Lottery

Current phase of 2019 – 2020 Lottery:

Step 2: Financial Planning

Step 3: Selecting a Program

  • Okpik-Kapvik provides a variety of different program options to help crews plan trips that match their desires and needs.
    • Introductory treks (Cabin Stay Program) that acquaint scouts with the basics of outdoor winter activities.
    • Intermediate treks (Okpik Camping Weekend) that focus on developing higher skills, like snow camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, Fat Tire Biking, Winter Climbing, etcetera.
  • Most trips occur over weekends throughout the winter months (January to the first weekend of March) with the exception of our Holiday Stay Program. The Holiday Stay opens the season (December 27 – January 1) and allows crews to take longer trips and to customize their experience to a greater degree. There may have been some updates to Okpik since the last time you attended.

Step 4: Preparing for Northern Tier

Step 5: Required Documents

  • The following documents must be absolutely complete upon arrival on base:
    • Health and Medical Record
      – Every participant must have an up-to-date “Health and Medical Record.” They must meet all health restrictions to be permitted to go on trail.
    • Crew Roster – Must be submitted prior to arrival
    • Wilderness First-Aid Training – At least one adult advisor must have proof (completion certificate) of BSA approved Wilderness First Aid training. Minimum WFA course length is 16-hours.
    • CPR Training – At least one adult advisor must have proof (completion certificate) of CPR Training
    • BSA E-certificationsAll Adult Advisors must have proof of training in Youth Protection and at least one (1) adult training in Hazardous Weather.
    • Fishing Licenses – If your crew wants to fish you will need to purchase the appropriate license.
      • FISHING: All participants who wish to Ice Fish during their Kapvik experience must possess a valid Michigan fishing license. Fishing Licenses may be bought online in advance of your trip. This is the best way for you to purchase your license. To purchase your fishing license online go to refer to the MichiganDNR website for all fishing regulations and rules: 

Step 6: Trip Planning Resources