Updated Resources for Winter 2020-2021

As we begin building the resources for our crews attending Okpik between December 2020 and March 2021, we will be adding them to this page.  Please check back often and when you receive updates.

All participants and staff will have their temperature taken and health screened upon arrival.  We will not be allowing people on the property if they are potentially symptomatic, so please, if you are not healthy, stay home until you are better.  If you are sick, have been sick or have possibly been exposed to Covid-19 within 14 days of your arrival, we would ask that you don’t travel to Northern Tier.  

Please screen all participants prior to leaving home.  You can use this pre-event medical screening form.  

We understand that completing your Wilderness First Aid Training, swim checks and medical forms has not been easy or in some cases possible at all.  Please do not let those items slow you down or deter you.  Read through our frequently asked questions below fore more information.

  • Okpik Gear Shakedown – We recommend that you watch the shakedown video below and utilize our Okpik Gear List to make sure all Scouts and Adults on your trip have the gear they need.  Due to Covid restrictions, your trading post time will be very limited, so planning ahead and being prepared is very important.  You can purchase all personal items at store.ntier.org.  We have extended the Black Friday Sale until Dec 6.  If you have gear needs for your Okpik trip – take advantage of our 20% off and free shipping using code blackfriday at check out.
  • Okpik First Night Orientation – All participants (youth and adult) attending Okpik in the 2020-21 season must view the First Night Orientation Video prior to arrival.  We will not be providing the Orientation on site this year, so please make sure to share this video with all of your participants!  It will help you in having a successful Okpik experience!

We are a ‘no handshake zone’  this winter. Please understand that we are encouraging our staff to follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible, and to limit contact with individuals that is unnecessary.  We would ask that you respect those guidelines and follow them as well.


We will have adjustments to our dining plan while on base to insure that we can accommodate good social distancing, great hygiene and provide meals that are both healthy and taste good.