Northern Tier Ambassadors

Oct 2019 Update

As you left Northern Tier, we know the closing campfire left a flame inside of you that is waiting to be let out and set the BSA on fire. Help us do just that by sharing your story with others so that they may enjoy the same experience you did.

You are invited to join an elite group of individuals as a Northern Tier Ambassador. Ambassadors are former Northern Tier participants or staff who can describe the nuts and bolts of planning a trip to Northern Tier, convey a true excitement about the great North American canoe country and communicate the adventurous spirit of the Northwoods to other Scout Units in their council. This promotion should take place through a unit presentation (to another Troop in your area), roundtable presentations, booths at District or Council events and any other place that Scouts gather.

Northern Tier Ambassadors should make four presentations each year to promote Northern Tier.  These presentations will be scheduled quarterly and will focus on a topic that is important to Northern Tier at that time. 

  • Quarter 4, 2019: Northern Tier Lottery
  • Quarter 1, 2020: Northern Tier Staff Opportunities
  • Quarter 2, 2020: Summer and Winter Programs and Opportunities
  • Quarter 3, 2020: Individual Program Opportunities

 Northern Tier will provide for each presentation:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Promotional Videos (when available)
  • Fliers for distribution
  • Social Media Posts (for your social media and to share with district and council as well)
  • Fun Giveaways!
  • A special discount in the Northern Tier Trading Post Store just for Ambassadors, to help you look sharp when you make presentations.

The Ambassador will:

  • Schedule and make a presentation to a unit(s), district roundtable, committee, etc. or Council event.
  • Share the social media posts through their own channels and to others.
  • Report on their presentation.
  • Find other opportunities to present on Northern Tier within their local area.

To apply to be a Northern Tier Ambassador, fill out the application form below.  All applicants must be approved by their local Council – Northern Tier will contact the Council for approval.