Summer Awards

  • Mileage Awards
  • Duty to God
  • Trail of Courage
  • Lake Monitoring
  • Quetico Adopt a Lake Program
  • Triple Crown/Grand Slam of High Adventure
  • Historic Trails
  • 50 Miler
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Milage Awards


  • Special Northern Tier Mileage Awards are available for subsequent miles – in 25 mile increments up to 200 – traveled while on your trip.

Duty to God

While at Northern Tier, you will encounter divine handiwork on many occasions. The Duty to God program will help you reflect on these special moments.The Duty to God award is available to scouts and adults who participate in at least one daily devotional while at Northern Tier and lead grace before one meal while on trail. Upon completion of the following items, the Chaplain’s Aide must turn in the form to the Bay Post to verify completion of the award.

Trail of Courage

The Trail of Courage award is available to crews who participate in group discussions about healthy lifestyles and personal improvement while at Northern Tier.

Lake Monitoring

Our Lake Monitoring Program provides your crew with an experience to learn about the water quality in the lakes of Northern Minnesota and Northwestern Ontario and how it changes. It also provides a community service opportunity for your Scouts as the data collected is used by government agencies and scholars to monitor water clarity and provide an assessment of suspended material in the water (often algae). Long term monitoring provides scientists with valuable data to detect trends in water quality and detect signs of degradation to a lake.


Quetico Adopt a Lake Program

This program is administered by the Quetico Provincial Park. Crews who complete the program will likely fulfill the requirements of the S.C.E.N.E. Program and the 50-Miler award described above. Quetico has in excess of 2,000 campsite locations scattered around the Park on over 600 lakes. Maintaining all of these on a regular and continuous basis is an impossible chore for our park staff. The Adopt-A-Lake program was initiated so you can help. A Volunteer Agreement must be submitted prior to participating and an application must be submitted to receive the crests. Both forms may be found on the Quetico’s website at

Triple Crown/Grand Slam of High Adventure

The Triple Crown of National High Adventure and Grand Slam of National High Adventure awards can be earned by youth and adults who have participated in qualified high adventure programs at the Boy Scouts of America’s National High Adventure Bases.

The bases include: Northern Tier High Adventure Bases (Northern Tier), Philmont Scout Ranch (Philmont), Florida National High Adventure Sea Base (Florida Sea Base), and Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base at The Summit (Paul R. Christen). 

For more information and an application, visit

Historic Trails

Due to the rich historical significance of canoe country, Northern Tier expeditions are a great time to earn this National BSA award. To earn the award, members of your unit must plan and participate in a historic activity. For more information please visit the awards pages for BSA

50 Miler

At the heart and soul of Northern Tier’s mileage award program is the BSA’s national 50-Miler Award. All crews participating in a Northern Tier expedition should try to earn this award. What better time than during a BSA National High Adventure program?

The 50-Miler Award is presented to each qualifying individual for satisfactory participation in an approved trip. In order to qualify for the award the group of which the individual is a member must fulfill all of the following requirements.

For more information please visit the awards pages for BSA