2023 Ely Schedule and Fees

Ely Summer Fee Information

  • Standard Outfitting includes Lightweight Kevlar Canoes in Ely. A discount will be assessed to crews choosing Aluminum Canoes.
  • All fees listed are for the trip noted below.
  • Off-Peak Pricing:  Crews arriving August 6 and later will receive a 25% discount.  Discounted fees are noted below.

*Ely Crews Planning to travel into Quetico Provincial Park will pay additional park fees at the time of
entrance into the park. Crews should plan to budget an additional $750-$1500 for these park fees. More details here.


All fees (including deposit) are non-refundable and nontransferable in the event of cancellation. Be
cautious of making reservations or paying fees for those who have not made a financial commitment. Northern Tier High Adventure Programs must commit financial resources to employ staff, purchase food and supplies, and prepare for base operations. Participants are, therefore, also required to make a financial commitment to attend. Be conservative in making reservations to avoid losing fees due to cancellations.

Summer Payment Schedule

  1. $250.00 Deposit due upon registration to secure adventure.
  2. 10% of remaining fees due 30 days following registration.
  3. 50% of fees due October 1st the year prior to your trek
  4. Final Payment – balance due April 1st the year of your trek
Ely Summer Schedule
When reading the schedule note the following:
  • You will arrive at Northern Tier on the date designated on the schedule.
  • Your first night will be in a cabin on base.
  • Your final night will be in a cabin on base and you will depart for home on the date noted on the schedule.
  • All nights in between will be spent on-water.