Wilderness Canoeing Fees

 Northern Tier 2018 Summer Fees***
Summer Program Type
(Fees are listed per crew per night)
(Per Crew)
Standard Outfitting
(Lightweight Canoes)  
Discount Outfitting
(Aluminum Canoes)
Ely Trip* 6-8 participants $760.00 $670.00
Atikokan Trip* - Taxes Included 6-8 participants  $810.00 $720.00
Atikokan Trip* - Taxes Included 9-11 participants        $1,110.00 $990.00
Bisset Trip - Taxes Included 6-8 participants  ** $720.00
Bisset Trip - Taxes Included 9-11 participants  ** $990.00
Atikokan Fishing/Kayak Expedition    6-8 participants  ** $4,990.00
(per crew, per session)    

*Ely and Atikokan Crews Planning to travel into Quetico Provincial Park will pay additional park fees at the time of entrance into the park. Crews should plan to budget an additional $750-$1500 for these park fees. More details

** Lightweight canoes are not available for Bissett Trips or for Atikokan Fishing Trips.

***In 2018 Northern Tier's standard canoe outfitting will be the lightweight canoe. If a crew would prefer to use a heavier aluminum canoe, they may select that at the time of registration and will receive a discounted rate for that option.

All fees (including deposit) are non-refundable and nontransferable in the event of cancellation. Be cautious of making reservations or paying fees for those who have not made a financial commitment. Northern Tier High Adventure Programs must commit financial resources to employ staff, purchase food and supplies, and prepare for base operations. Participants are, therefore, also required to make a financial commitment to attend. Be conservative in making reservations to avoid losing fees due to cancellations.

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2017 Summer Wilderness Canoeing Fees

Crew Fees are inclusive of all permit fees except for Quetico Provincial Park Trips

Ely Trips (6-8 participants

$640.00 per crew, per night*

**Atikokan/Bissett Trips (6-8 participants)

$685.00 per crew, per night*

**Atikokan/Bissett Trips (9-11 participants)

$940.00 per crew, per night

Fishing/Kayak Expedition - up to 8 participants for 6 days

$4,750.00 per crew

*Quetico Camping fees are additional and are to be paid to the Quetico.
**All necessary HST/GST (Canadian Sales Tax) is included in these fees.


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