Summer 2018 Holiday Stay / 2019 Dog Sledding Okpik
Deposit $800.00 $800.00 $800.00
within 3 weeks of reservation
1/2 Remaining Balance
1st Payment October 1
          Campership Deadline is January 30                    Campership Deadline is September 1
Balance Due Balance Due Balance Due
Final June Crews: March 1
Payment July Crews: April 1 May 15 Oct 1
August Crews: May 1
or within 3 weeks of reservation if past the deadline


All fees (deposit, first payment and final payment) are non-refundable and non-transferable in event of cancellation. Exercise caution in making reservations or paying fees for anyone who has not made a financial commitment. Northern Tier High Adventure Programs must commit financial resources to employ staff, purchase food and supplies, and prepare for base operations. Participants are, therefore, also required to make a financial commitment to attend. Be conservative in making reservations to avoid losing fees due to cancellations.


About Northern Tier

Come to Northern Tier for a whole new level of adventure, up north! From incredible canoe journeys to wild winter wilderness camping, Northern Tier promises the Scouting adventure of a lifetime in the Great North Woods of northern Minnesota and Canada.