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    For over forty years the Okpik program of Northern Tier National High Adventure Programs has provided safe, exhilarating and challenging adventures for thousands of youth and adult participants. The name, Okpik, comes from the Inuit word for the Arctic or Snowy Owl which has been used as the symbol for the Okpik program since it began in the early 1970’s.

    Okpik Participants learn how to cross-country ski, snowshoe, dogsled, ice fish, build snow shelters and enjoy life in extreme weather conditions and temperatures. All groups are accompanied by a trained staff instructor, called an Interpreter, who serves as a teacher of cold weather camping skills. The Okpik program fully outfits crews with group gear and almost all necessary personal clothing (see the gear list). The goal of the Okpik program is to instruct crews on how to see low temperatures as an opportunity, not a barrier, to turn a 3-season camper into a year-round camper.

    Okpik is hosted at the Ely base of Northern Tier, outside of Ely, Minnesota. Crews explore the Superior National Forest and the famed Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), a massive wilderness area that lies directly adjacent to the base property. No city lights, no noise, simply wilderness.

    Okpik is the premier Cold Weather Camping Program of the Boy Scouts of America. We are excited by your interest in cold weather camping and we look forward to introducing you to the wonders of a North Woods winter.


    The following is the 2018-2019 PDF version of the Okpik Planning Guide and Okpik Participant Handbook available by clicking the images below.


    About Northern Tier

    Come to Northern Tier for a whole new level of adventure, up north! From incredible canoe journeys to wild winter wilderness camping, Northern Tier promises the Scouting adventure of a lifetime in the Great North Woods of northern Minnesota and Canada.