Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and
Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Northern Tier offers wilderness medicine classes throughout the Calendar year. These classes are meant to teach participants First Aid applicable to wilderness scenarios, where help may be delayed, inclement environmental situations may complicate care, and first aid resources may be limited and/or improvised.

Wilderness First Responder

Northern Tier hosts a Wilderness First Responder class in the Spring (mid-May) and Winter (late November or early January). This course, provided by the Wilderness Medical Associates, is a 70 hour course designed to teach medical assessment and management skills for isolated and extreme wilderness environments. Topics include: General Wilderness Medicine Principles, Patient Assessment and Emergency Care (including treatment for episodes of anaphylaxis and asthma), Environmental Medicine, Wound Management, and treatment for Musculoskeletal Problems.

Wilderness First Aid

Northern Tier hosts several Wilderness First Aid courses throughout the year. This 16 hour course is required for one adult advisor for all crews attending traditional High Adventure Programs at the National High Adventure Bases. Northern Tier teaches the Emergency Care and Safety Institute's curriculum for Wilderness First Aid.

Register for the next course: Wilderness First Aid December 11-13, 2015

To register for the course, fill out and submit the form below. The course will be taught December 12 - 13, with participants arriving the night of the 11th. The cost for the course, food, and lodging is $60. Payment is due upon arrival.


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