Specialty Programs

Though the main summer focus at Northern Tier is wilderness canoeing, the Donald Rogert Canoe Base outside of Atikokan, ON offers two specialty programs for crews specifically interested in fishing or kayaking.

Fishing Expeditions

Every cast at Northern Tier could be your next monster walleye, northern pike or smallmouth. Due to popular demand, we now offer a fishing-focused adventure. Each expedition begins with an introduction to fishing in the great Canadian waters of Ontario, where you'll learn the basics of fishing by canoe.

The Fishing Expedition is also designed to involve fewer miles and portaging than our traditional treks, which allows for more time to fish. The waters of northwestern Ontario offer great fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, yellow perch and northern pike. Included in the Fishing Expedition package, Northern Tier will supply all the fishing gear (rods, tackle, etc.) you will need for your trip. A Fishing Interpreter will accompany you on your trip and be a resource to the crew for advice and tips on fishing and paddling in the canoe country of Ontario.

Kayak Treks

Northern Tier invites you to travel the paths of the voyageurs and experience the waters of canoe country by modern-day kayaks! The Kayak Trek is a six-day trek (five days and four nights on the water) in which you will be traveling through the crown lands and Turtle River–White Otter Provincial Park, where fish and wildlife are abundant. Each Kayak Trek will begin with instruction on the basics of kayaking. Your crew will learn paddling and rescue techniques, and how to pack a kayak. Each crew will have a combination of tandem and single-person kayaks so you'll have a chance to experience paddling both types of boats.

Northern Tier supplies all your kayaking gear and food for the trail and an experienced staff member will accompany your crew on the trek to instruct you on proper kayaking techniques and Canadian wilderness camping. Route planning is essential for the kayak trip. Minimizing portaging while giving both large- and small-water experience is crucial for a successful trek. Several routes have been planned to accomplish this, and they include parts of the Big Water Loop as well as the White Otter Castle Loop. Other possible routes are available, and your kayak Interpreter will help you tailor the trip to your crew’s ability.


About Northern Tier

Come to Northern Tier for a whole new level of adventure, up north! From incredible canoe journeys to wild winter wilderness camping, Northern Tier promises the Scouting adventure of a lifetime in the Great North Woods of northern Minnesota and Canada.